Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Two days in bed...

If I have ever said I wanted to spend a couple days in bed doing nothing... I lied!!  I have an eye infection which has left me in bed, eyes closed, with a cold compress for two days.  I should still have my eyes closed, but I have decided to turn down the brightness on the computer (same with the TV), and power through.  But I can tell this will be a short post because as I type tears are streaming down my face.

Time for a break.

Ok, I'm back.  I stupidly fell asleep with my contacts still in... I could have torn out my eyes when I woke up the next morning in excruciating pain.  It was Sunday, so there was nothing I could do, but wait until Monday with the eye clinic opened.  I spent Sunday in bed, and after my appointment on Monday, I spent the rest of the day listening to the TV, in pain, but bored to tears... literally.

Thankfully, I have a doting husband, who tended to my every need.  He cooked for me, heated my tea every 30min, put foil on the windows to block out any hint of light, and even brought the dog in to "give mommy kisses."

Time for another break.

The worst part is that after the two weeks of rain, it's been gorgeous the last couple days, and I've been stuck in darkness.  Ahhhhh!!!  The other bad part... I've missed you guys!!!

So, I finally got some fabric samples in the mail.  No, they weren't from any of the out-of-date companies from my fashiondex, but from my 3 hour Google search, I was forced to partake in at 1am one sleepless night.  I'm still waiting for two more packages, but they're very very promising.  The fabrics are soft and gorgeous, and perfect for screenprinting.  More good stuff to come... it's good to be back!   


Creatissimo said...

Get well soon! Can't wait to see some of your silkscreen creations!

Jess said...

I'm much better, thank you!!

Andi said...

Oh how terrible, to be in bed is one thing, but then to do it without being able to watch TV or a movie or read, AWFUL!

Jess said...

It was pretty awful, but I'm back now, and enjoying our gorgeous weather.


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