Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 14: Longing for Spring

I'm still waiting for spring.  Craving and dying for spring.  Every day of cloudy and rainy mess is like a knife to my heart.  Shine, sun, please shine!! My rosemary plant is in full bloom outside, the brightly colored purple flowers greet me as I walk by the check the mail.  Good morning, Spring, are you there?

Daylight savings came and went, and now Spring cleaning is just around the corner.  My "Type A" personality loves to purge the unwanted and organize all the other stuff.  
Usually, it's my favorite time of year, but with everything on my plate, this annual event is turning into a huge fiasco.

I have finally started to decorate our house, after a year of living with blank walls and minimalistic furniture.  I need to make this house a home.  Our upstairs guest bathroom has been bare... completely bare.  Nothing but a hand towel and antibacterial soap.  Sick of the nothingness, I took a trip to the our local Home Goods store and stocked up on towels, a shower curtain, a floor rug, and a soap dispenser.  I hung a painting on the wall, and sat a vase full of white lilies on the windowsill.  So much better.  My downstairs guest bathroom needs a redo... with just a small window, and dark brown as the main color, I need a new color scheme to lighten up my life.  Usually when I decorate, I start with a neutral beige and white palette and add a splash of color here and there.  My living room color splash is a rusty orange, the upstairs bathroom is seafoam, and our bedroom olive green.  I'm so drawn to color... bright, pale, rich... they're all welcome.

I got me thinking about the colors that inspire the delicate loveliness of Spring.  Spring and Summer are my time for fresh cut flowers, and while grocery shopping I came across these dainty peach and yellow daisies.  This is my color palette for spring... so delicious and dainty.  Sure to inspire a calm a focused mood all summer long.  What are your spring colors, and where do you find them?

Other news...
I'm glad it was a unanimous decision to combine my two blogs.  This makes my life a whole lot easier.  I have already started the website redesign, now I have to figure out how to implement the finishing touches.  My friend, Laura, had a great post on how to create multiple pages/tabs through blogger... such perfect timing.  Time to grab my cup of coffee and start reading through her posts.  Any one have any other websites on how to customize a blogger layout?


Suzanne said...

Good luck with your blog changes. Thanks for the link to her hints post. I gained a few insights there.

Jess said...

I'm so glad you liked her post... she is so knowledgeable and generous!


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