Monday, March 21, 2011

A List Compilation from Bloggy Boot Camp

Brandi and Me... more pics here

5 things Tiffany taught me... 
1. Successful women can support each other... we don't need to live up to the stereotype of being catty and competitive.
2. Be original!
3. There's room for everyone on the web.
4. Take your business seriously, or else no one will.
5. Your time = $

5 Things Brandi and I have in common:
1. We keep chapstick by our bedsides, for the middle of the night applications.
2. We take off our wedding rings before going to bed.
3. We are not morning people, and can't engage in conversation before 9am and/or two cups of coffee.
4. We love chai tea lattes.
5. We over pack, and then regret it later.

How to make a flight more enjoyable... brought to you by our flight attendant, Todd
1. Greet every single customer with a smile.
2. Sing Happy Birthday to unsuspecting passengers.
3. Have toys available for kids on board.
4. While passing out complimentary pretzels, call them "eggs and bacon" "turkey and chesse" and "waffles".
5. Sing a song to celebrate our hour long flight.
... I love when people go the extra mile to make people feel great.

my new peeps

Some of the awesome people I met at Bloggy Boot Camp
Brandi of meDesigns
Stephanie of Rock Star Mom
Lindsey of the modchik
Celeste of shallowOcity
Anna of ABDPBT
Tricia and Siana of 2 Girls on a Bench
Kelly of Joggermom


Andi said...

Love the write-up! It was so great meeting you. I had such a great time and love SITS. Support rocks!

La Jolla Mom said...

Hi! Sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you there, but wasn't it awesome? My only regret is that I didn't meet everyone. But next time!

Very well said.

Amy H said...

What a fun post! I thought the conference was wonderful and a huge part of it was the great energy and chemistry between the bloggers. Thanks for taking the time to highlight us and share your experience!

2girlsonabench said...

So great to meet you! We are also over packers, and even brought too many snacks on our road trip to BBCSD... but the leftovers are the best part! Thanks for including us in your list ;)

Jess said...

I had such a blast, hope to see you guys next year!!

Marissa said...

Great recap! I loved how Tiffany stressed the fact that we all support each other. Too bad we didn't get a chance to meet, but I look forward to reading more of your blog.

Jess said...

Hope to see you next year, Marissa!!

Eva Smith said...

Jess! Awesome post! Great meeting you at Bloggy Bootcamp. Looking forward to following your blog.

Bucksome said...

Hey, I see my card in that stack! Thanks for the shout-out. It was great meeting you.

Ali said...

It's always such a great way to meet fabulous new friends...thanks for the mention! I just wish I could go to them ALL! :)

I love your "5 things Tiffany taught me..." list...those are some of the most important lessons to remember daily!


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