Monday, October 18, 2010

Computer day...

I received my PeachHoneyLove business license in the mail this week... it's official, I'm CEO and owner of my own company. Sure, I haven't made much income, and there aren't a lot of people who know me... YET!!! It's all mine... the company, the journey... the success will come when it's ready. In the meantime, I'm doing my darndess to make sure everything associated with PHL is up to par. The pictures, blog post, paintings... everything needs to be great!!

Soooo... I'm trying to familiarize myself with everything awesome, therefore, I'm re-visiting Jessica Sprague's digi classes. I bought one of her class bundles a couple Christmas' ago, and when my 30 day Photoshop trial expired, that was it. No more fun for me. Well, I finally bought the program, so it was time to start over... yes, completely start over. I needed a fresh start, anyway.

I started with her Photo Editing class... and if you're wondering if her classes are any good... believe me when I tell you, you have never taken such a user friendly, easy-to-follow, Photoshop class in your life!!! It's a lot of information, so I suggest you take diligent notes so you can reference back to them. But remember, her classes are available to you FOREVER, so don't fret. I went searching through some of the gazillion pictures I've taken over the last few years, and spent hours editing all of my favs. It was nice to relive those moments through better looking photographs... here's one I fell in love with...

By the way, I was on the computer ALL DAY... Joseph didn't mind because he had football and baseball to watch, so as long as I was sitting next to him he was ok. Thank God for earphones.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The logo...

I'm nesting... organizing closets and the kitchen pantry, making placements to coordinate with the drapes. I haven't tackled the studio yet... that's a big job... one that takes concentration and more than the 30 minutes I have before work.

Even though I haven't started on the studio, I did clear the drafting table to start my logo. I felt an extreme desire to paint and I needed to address it before I went completely insane. I can't tell u how great it felt to pick up a paint brush... the inspiration came flooding back to me. Simply exhilarating.
I remember painting penguins in preschool and showing it off to my mom because, in my head, it looked exactly like a penguin. I felt the same way when I started painting my logo... proud of my gift and excited about what I could turn it into to. It feels good to be proud of something. Here's the beginning of the logo... I still have to add a little spice and sassiness, but it's definitely a strong start.

I'm still working on my color combos... I want the "brand" to be perfect, and I want it to be me, so I'm on the hunt for the perfect coordinating combo. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hi paintbrush, do you remember me?

It's been awhile since I picked up my paintbrush... that beautiful Sable number 8 brush I got on sale at a local art store (can't remember which store, I visit so many). My studio is a complete disaster, and my supplies aren't organized... it's enough to make a Type A crazy woman have a meltdown. My paints are calling me and those blank canvases and birch plywood pieces are taunting me... "Paint on me, paint on me!!"
I've been so busy with PeachHoneyPreemie tasks... getting a business license and seller's permit, making patterns, testing fabrics, etc... that I've been ignoring my other love. PeachHoneyPreemie has become my mistress and my paints are drying up just to teach me a lesson.
I'm mulling over a possible mixed media collection, but I need to tweak my girls faces a little... make them a little more me... a little sassier!! I also need to beautify my ETSY shop, so it's time to create a logo. I never thought I would ever say those words... I'm creating a logo!! It's crazy how your life can take a complete turn if your willing to let go of the wheel.

My studio is full of remnants from the wedding, unsorted ribbon and paper, and a whole lot of anxiety,,, well, I guess that's me... very anxious!!! Time to get to work!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


If I didn't mention already, I'm starting a new venture.... the production of a NICU-friendly preemie clothing line. I know... it's a big task, but dang it I can't help myself. I started another blog... come check it out! Follow me... I'm always happy to share my journey with people willing to join the ride.

I'm gearing up for the official launch of PeachPoneyPreemie... no, there's no big party... I'm just referring to the party in my head :). I'm just so stinkin' excited!! Don't mind me... just some dorky behavior happening. My kitchen table has become "seamstress central" and it's full of partially done projects all for PHP. I could just scream... from excitement.

I never realized how hard it was to transform a drawing of, say, "The Snappy Dresser" (an actual dress in the PHP line... cute, don'tcha think) into an actual article of clothing. Thankfully, I have my mother-in-law (seamstress guru to the stars) to help... she's been wonderful. From giving me a sewing basics refresher course, to physically walking me through my first shirt construction (start to finish), she has made the process seem a lot less terrifying. It feels wonderful to be surrounded by people who love and support your dreams.... and that means you, all my "Flying Lessons" classmates... you have been awesome!!! Thanks guys, it means the world!!


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