Saturday, October 16, 2010

The logo...

I'm nesting... organizing closets and the kitchen pantry, making placements to coordinate with the drapes. I haven't tackled the studio yet... that's a big job... one that takes concentration and more than the 30 minutes I have before work.

Even though I haven't started on the studio, I did clear the drafting table to start my logo. I felt an extreme desire to paint and I needed to address it before I went completely insane. I can't tell u how great it felt to pick up a paint brush... the inspiration came flooding back to me. Simply exhilarating.
I remember painting penguins in preschool and showing it off to my mom because, in my head, it looked exactly like a penguin. I felt the same way when I started painting my logo... proud of my gift and excited about what I could turn it into to. It feels good to be proud of something. Here's the beginning of the logo... I still have to add a little spice and sassiness, but it's definitely a strong start.

I'm still working on my color combos... I want the "brand" to be perfect, and I want it to be me, so I'm on the hunt for the perfect coordinating combo. Any suggestions?

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