Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The weeds are taking over no more!

Do you remember when I mentioned Spring Cleaning on Monday's post?  Today was the day it began.  On our only day off this week, my hubby and I went to work on the cluttered and the dirty.  While my husband vacuumed everywhere... the floors, stairs, couches and cushions, dog bed... I went outside to tackle our sea of weeds.  Man, those things really take over!  So lush and green, multiplying in any environment available.  Damn them!  While I struggle to keep what little plants I have alive, these weeds are thriving.   I guess they enjoy the compact nutrition-lacking clay with a side of rocks. *sigh*

I started some seeds under my garage grow-light system.  The radishes are really doing well, and will soon need a permanent home in the veggie beds, but we have a problem... they beds are completely filled with weeds.  Completely.

No, those are not micro greens, herbs or salad mixes... they are weeds, and as you can see they are quite happy.  I don't know how I let them get this out of hand.  I'm lying, I know exactly how... procrastination.  

They even seem to be tunneling through the sides of the beds... sneaky, sneaky.  Soon you won't be able to see the wood at all. 

My herb box has been taken over... 

And now mushrooms have shown up to the party, next to where my orange peppers once flourished.

My asparagus, thankfully, are still hanging on despite the little monsters trying to choke them out.  My strong dependable asparagus. 

The hill behind our retaining wall was supposed to be filled with roses, cacti, and black bark... obviously, that's not true at the moment.

Even my potted cactus plant can't get away... poor thing.

I have to admit, some of the weeds are extremely beautiful.  Variegated leaves, pretty purple flowers, delicate trailing red and green vines.  Bright green, no brown edges in sight.

This little patch of sprout-like greenery caught my eye.  It reminds me of a tiny forest for an elf village, with a blanket of green moss as it's foundation.  I'm living in a fantasy land to ease the pain of having to pull all of these weeds. *sigh*

There's some more good news... my hydrangea plant is coming back, even after it was without water for a couple weeks last summer, when our drip system stopped working.  It summed up enough energy over the winter to come back full force... we're back, baby!!

My strawberries are trailing and flowering.  Those tiny white blooms are peeking out below the cover of leaves.

So what's going on with your garden?

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Suzanne said...

Well, you've been productive. I need to do that as well because in a couple weeks my caladiums will come up. I'm always amazed when they do, because I didn't think we had any bulb flowers that worked here in Florida.


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