Friday, June 25, 2010

Midnight Cravings...

I got home from work last night opened up the refrigerator, took out a bag of shredded cheddar cheese and plopped it eagerly into my mouth, then I grabbed a handful of garlic and parmesan cheese flavored croutons and inhaled those as well… why the crazy midnight cravings? I know what you’re thinking… no, I’m not pregnant; I’m not even PMSing... I believe the wedding plans and backyard woes have finally gone to my head and the mere thought of sticking to my “Clean” diet, and resisting the temptation for some comfort food, made me incredibly angry (and yes, cheese and croutons are comfort food to me).
I’m a complete mess!!!! However, no one needs to see me standing over the sink shoveling Ben and Jerry’s down my gullet… no one wins ‘cause the next day I’m complaining to Joseph that I feel bloated and gross… and we don’t need to have that conversation… again. 57 days until the wedding… and I’m praying my sanity holds on until then.

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