Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Will Create!!!

“Courage is seeing your fear, in a realistic perspective, defining it, and choosing to function in spite of it.” –Leonard Zunin

“What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?” Interesting question, isn’t it… it hit me in the face when I read it. Another question Kelly asked us was “When was the last time you felt fearless?” The truth is I don’t remember ever feeling fearless!!! That seemed so strange to me… I’ve always remembered feeling insecure and afraid of failing. In fact, I don’t even try if I’m not positive I’ll be good at something… ridiculous but true. Joseph is always trying to get me to go to the driving range with him to “hit a bucket of balls.” I went once, hit 2 balls out of about 20, and then gave up… and I’ve never been back.

I can remember as a child hoola hooping in front of my house for hours, practicing difference tricks, and never becoming frustrated when the hoop would hit the ground. I would just pick it up and try again… when did that confidence turn into fear? The fear stops now!!! It’s time to define them, face them and LET GO… I deserve to be better!!!

I’m not good enough... You’re a talented artist with lots to share with the world!!!
I can never make enough money creating art to pay the bills…. The world is full of people who would appreciate and buy your art if you pour your heart and soul into it!!
I’m not a business womanYou can do anything you put your mind to!!!
I can’t have it allI CAN HAVE IT ALL!!!

- Open ETSY shop
- Go part-time at work and supplement income with art sales
- Expand blog audience
- Participate in any artistic class available


Suzanne said...

So, what do you create? Let's see some pictures on your blog. Just start taking pictures of your art, and before you know it, you'll have enough to put on Etsy. And then you'll have met one of your creative goals!

Jess said...

I haven't painted in awhile, but I did get a boost of inspiration last night, and started sketching a new series... check our FB fan page for some pics of my old stuff...


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