Saturday, June 12, 2010

Things I did today...

1. Ordered more RSVP cards
2. Ordered jeweled haircomb for wedding
3. Booked hotel for getaway weekend in July
4. Sent pictures of sample centerpieces to florist
5. Mailed checks to vendors
6. Placed stamps on invite envelopes and thank you cards
7. Ignored clean clothes on bedroom floor
8. Finished addressing invite envelopes
9. Made table numbers for reception
10. Paid bills and balanced checkbook
11. Called landscape company (they still haven't sealed the concrete... they're two weeks late)
12. Typed up ceremony program rough draft
13. Ordered misc wedding supplies from (one of which is a stamp collection
that is called "I love lists")
14. Watered plant in front yard
15. Wished I had more time to paint was a busy day...

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