Monday, April 4, 2011

Week 16: A Recent Success

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There are many points along my journey I would consider successes.  By the way, it's ok to be happy for ourselves.  We celebrate each other, so let's give ourselves some props.  We deserve it!  I talked about enjoying the little things in this post, but let me reiterate we have to celebrate the small steps we reach along our road to greatness.  Every little step counts… EVERY ONE.

Our life is made up of many successes, so why focus on one.  Here are a few of the things I'm proud of…

1. I'm figuring out how to build and maintain my own website.  This is HUGE!!  I'm not a technical person, and often have to turn to Brandi and Laura for help.  I'm putting on my big girl britches, and taking it on myself.

2. I haven't had another breakdown, since this one.  I set a schedule for myself, and I'm making it work.  The schedule isn't set in stone.. it's adaptable to the craziness that is my life.  We have to be willing to bend to life's will because there will be days when we can't stand to do anything, but sleep.  So sleep, tomorrow is another day.

3. I'm making tremendous headway with the Preemie clothing line.  There are times we get excited about little opportunities that cross our paths, and when the high starts to fade, so does the project.  The preemie line is NOT the case.  My heart and soul is in this project, and it's going to be incredible!!

4. My backyard is finally getting a facelift.  The weeds are being pulled as I type, we planted 11 plants this weekend, and have plans next weekend to start laying down bark.  Now I need a chaise lounge to enjoy my hard work.

What are you proud of?

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