Monday, April 11, 2011

This is proof!!

This is proof my green thumb efforts did not go unnoticed, despite the voles' master plan to ruin my life.

My husband and I were taking full advantage of the beautiful 66 degree weather today by protecting our future veggie babies from another vole invasion.  We decided to empty our raised beds and place a hefty sheet of hardware mesh at the bottom… those voles don't have a chance.  

The first bed was a cinch… no plants, no problem.  I had a couple asparagus plants in the other… ummm… problem.  I must have done something right last season, because one short year transformed a tiny asparagus plant into this gorgeous fern bush with pencil-thick roots.  It took me over an hour to dig out this, obviously established, beauty, but we did it!!

Are you working in the garden this week?

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