Monday, April 18, 2011

Somethings gotta give...

Ok, guys... here's the deal.  The website design is coming along.  Coding my website has become a definite challenge... poor Tara has had her hands full with my endless questions.  If you follow me on Twitter, you have witnessed my difficulty.  Endless tweets on "How do I do..." "Why isn't this working?"... blah, blah, blah.  Thankfully, Tara and Danielle are incredibly helpful and patient. 

I'm going to contact my sewing contractor (in San Rafael) today to set up a date to meet and, hopefully, start production.  This is so surreal to me, but oh so exciting.  I'm also having a conference call with Michelle Staley, a mommy of a preemie, who created the Busy Breather's Oxygen backpack... seriously, check her out!!  She saw a void in the preemie market and filled it with this amazing product.  Sound familiar?  Well, I'm having a quick 20 min consultation with her to get as much info as I can (I'm writing down questions in between these blogging thoughts).  If I can be half as successful as she is I will count my myself extremely lucky.  

My diet is changing, which means more time grocery shopping, and definitely more time cooking.  Frequent trips to the farmer's market, coupon clipping (after watching the first episode of Extreme Couponing... ummm, hello?), and cooking lessons have become great bonding times between my husband and me.  Loving that.

My garden is flourishing, we're planting 16 more plants today, and a tree.  Guys, I was not built for manual labor, but I have a wonderful husband that doesn't mind doing the digging.   Gotta love that man.  I have to admit, the tan on my shoulders after a few hours of swingin' a shovel is a big bonus.  I did buy this little fashion statement a couple weeks ago (taken with my camera phone).

Everything comes with a price, and mine is less time to write.  I know I'm not the only one that has trouble balancing, but I feel guilty... so guilty.  Something has to give... and unfortunately, it has to be the blog for now.  There are so many aspects of the business that need to be figured out, and I just don't have time for everything.  Is anyone else feeling guilty about putting something on the back burner?  Please tell me I'm not the only one.


Marianne said...

You aren't the only one. I have so much going on with spring clean up inside and out and a new dog has come to live here at RuffHaven.
So my hands are full and I spend little time on my blog. No time to paint,sew,or creaft at all.
Gardening is good for the soul and the tan. Congrats to you in your busy-ness. !
Blog when you can...your loyal readers will be here.

Creatissimo said...

It happens to me too. I esp. feel very sad because I feel like I let my supporters or friends down... Although I know I can't be at all the places at the same time, it is still hard to accept that.
Fingers crossed for your exciting creative journal :)! Take care!

Baxter's Mom said...

Oh no, are certainly not the only one! Happens to m all the time. I promise and promise to blog more regularly...but there is just so much to do...and never enough time to get to all of it!

Jess said...

Marianne, thank you for being a loyal reader. It's so heartwarming to know I have women like you out there rooting for me. Thank you!

Jozica, the guilt is the worst. I make all these promised and feel horrible when I don't follow through. I'm hoping after the business start-up stuff is done, I can finally stick to a schedule.

Sylvia, I really wish we could petition God to have more hours in a day. Maybe 30?

Kelly said...

Are you kidding??? No, you are definitely not the only one!! And you look so friggin' cute in your hat. Get out there, enjoy the sunshine and eat well.

Jess said...

Thanks Kelly, I think I will!


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