Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weekends, Classes and Inspriration

Joseph and I had an amazing weekend just hangin' (still didn't go golfing, but hopefully soon)... went to his folks to check in, and then to mine for an impromptu pool party in their new backyard (which we have official named "The Resort")... it's unbelievably gorgeous and so relaxing, especially when mom is cookin' on the grill... Maureen brought the two girls over, and we just kicked back and enjoyed the nice weather... This is a pic of my mom with Kelli, who is almost 3 months, and me with Lexi who is 19 months.

I love seeing Joseph with babies... a little foreshadowing of things to come... It's amazing how when love is truly REAL, how good and RIGHT it feels... I love this man...

He is the most genuinely loving man I have ever met... he appreciates me for who I am, no matter what I do, or what kind of mood I'm in, the I feel safest when I'm in his arms...

On another note, I talked to my Mati again, and we set a date of next Monday for our first Color Theory Class... hopefully, I can spread the wealth and post a little outline of what I learn for all my fellow bloggers (along with my homework assignments)... I'm so freakin' excited!! (and a little nervous... it's always a little unsettling when other people are judging your work... thank God Mati is a complete sweetheart... I'm sure she'll be kind, even if my paintings are horrible)...

I'm an avid Amazon.com shopper... I have been buying tons of art books (mixed media, photography, scrapbooking, etc.) and I love the techniques and inspirational projects they offer... they just make you want to play (they also make you want to spend way too much $$ at Michael's, but we won't go there)... I received Mixed Emulsions in the mail yesterday morning and have spent every sitting moment digging through it... I highly recommend it!!! It gives great techniques on how to alter photographs using everything under the sun from stucco to oil paint, and even condensed milk... craziness!! GO BUY IT and get inspired!!

1 comment:

Mom said...

Who is that super hot blonde chick
to the left of you holding the baby? Oops that's me... We had a
great day at the "resort" with all
of you too. We certainly don't
consider our backyard a resort, but
we sure do enjoy our time there relaxing. Thank you for the nice things you had to say. I would love to see more pix of that day-
you don't have to post them here though, just drop by work.

take care sweetie,
Love Mom
p.s Hello Joseph!


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