Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Reno, Birthday, and Garden Update

This was a much needed 5 day weekend! It started with a 2 1/2 day trip to Reno for some dancing, gambling and debauchery... yes, we needed it. The roulette table left me feeling invigorated, and the nap by the pool left me... well... tan. We got to spend some time with friends, let loose on the dance floor (well, that was just me, but Joseph did make a short appearance for half a song... pretty good for him), and spent money for no apparent purpose (but I guess fun is a very important purpose).

I spent some time talking to one of my friends, and bridesmaid, about the stress surrounding my world these days, and she offered some much appreciated advice. She advised to not let the wedding to-do list stress me out because I was missing the journey of planning the most important day of my life... did I really want to look back on this last year and say, “God, I’m glad that’s over,” or “I had so much fun creating that perfect day.” I don’t want to look back on these planning months with regret. I want to cherish them.

When we returned from Reno on Sunday, Joseph and I engaged in the fine art of napping... as Joseph and I lay in bed, I looked at the clock that read “6:30pm,” and I asked him, “So... what do you want to do for the rest of the day.” With one eye open he said, “This.” So, that’s exactly what we did. We tried to make it through a movie... we were not successful. We got 30 minutes in, and then started to snore. We finally succumbed to the sleep at 8:30pm... and didn’t wake up until 10:30am the next morning. *sigh*

Monday I had a birthday lunch with my mom... sushi of course. When I returned home Joseph had cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed and started laundry... he refers to these chores as his “husbandly duties.” We went grocery shopping, and then watched the latest Star Trek Movie, the one we couldn’t finish the previous night.

Tuesday was my birthday... it was relaxing and productive. My idea of a perfect day. I had a pedicure and facial peel (a relaxing one, not a rip-your-face-off one), met Joseph at home for a little snuggle time before he headed off to school, and then I got stuff done. I organized my office/art studio, cooked for the week, finished the laundry, and sent out some wedding gift thank you cards. It was fabulous!! Did I mention that I did all these things while wearing my wedding shoes... I had to start breaking them in. It was quite a sight... me in grubby cleaning clothes with Calvin Klein ivory satin 4 1/2 inch peep-toe pumps. Very amusing.

Joseph and I heard through the grapevine one way to keep voles away from your plants is to scatter dog hair around them. Well, we don’t have dogs, so we took a little trip to Petsmart’s Grooming Center, and yes, we asked them for a bag of dog hair. I felt like a complete loon!! Surprisingly, this was not an unusual request, and they eagerly filled a huge garbage bag with dog hair. The looks we got, as we walked out to the parking lot with a bag full of hair, were comical to say the least. Joseph and I couldn’t stop laughing as we dodged sideways glances from passerby's.
When I got home, I stuffed dog hair into every single hole left by those dang varmints, and put even more in and around the still viable plants. The next morning, the hair looked as though it had been undisturbed... I think we finally have a cure!!
Oh, and my zucchini and squash plants are growing more babies... they survived!!

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