Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 13: A topic dear to my heart.

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Mean people suck!!  Need I say more?  Well, I guess I do.  The other day I woke up to two comments on my YouTube channel.  Yay!... ummm, no!  Both comments were meant to hurt... purposefully hurt.  What?!?!  This is why I was so reluctant to starting vlogs.  I was afraid of this... criticism.  Painful criticism, from mean people.  Have I told you mean people suck?

I don't know why, or how people thrive on negativity.  It's exhausting, and soul crushing.  I went to the commenters YouTube channel, and shockingly he had nothing but videos complete with lots of negative comments.  Why?  Is this fun?

My answer to this "Negative Nick" is to empower each other, so here's a spotlight of recent ETSYshop favorites.  I'm fighting negativity with kindness, so here we go.

I recently bought a crapload of Amy Butler fabric from MandiMade, at a very reasonable price, and the owner, Mandi, was wonderful!!  She made a custom listing within the day, and I had the fabric in my hands within a few days.  She has the Sparrows in Bark collection, by Joel Dewberry, on PRESALE right now.  Yes, I bought just a few yards... ok, I bought 12.  Check them out!!

If you're looking for some painfully adorable children's clothing patterns, Romeo&Mae is your store!  Your orders are shipped through your email, so big big plus.  The patterns pair perfectly with Amy Butler fabric... cute, cute, cuteness!!

Lovely Duds
I visited Lovely Duds while shopping for my cousin's baby shower gift.  This store is full of baby wraps, nursing covers, and their precious Just like mommy wraps.  These lovely, and soft, cuddle gifts are paired with beautiful, modern fabrics.  Loveliness.  My cousin loved her gift, and her baby girl loves being snuggled up with mommy.  

Let's empower each other!!!  No more negativity!!


sonyamacdesigns said...

Mean people suck and big time ... I am really into you YouTube Channel ... although something is wrong with my laptop camera ... you inspired me to purchase a flip and it fit on the tripod for my other camera and now I have 3 videos on my channel ... yes, they are a bit raw ... but I'm just getting started ... Thanks to you!

Brandi said...

Oh, friend, I'm so sorry. Mean people do suck. They suck big time!! But don't stop - I love your videos. :)

Jess said...

Thank you ladies for stopping by!! Mean people really bug me, but I'm determined to to combat it with kindness. Sonya, I'm so glad you like the channel. Sometimes we spend so much time judging ourselves, we forget to enjoy ourselves.

Lisa said...

Mean people are just little pathetic sould who need to feel bigger by putting people down. It's a great idea to turn it around with kindness. I applaud you! Now I'm going to check out your channel... because your name sounds awfully familiar to me...

Jess said...

Lisa, I hope you like the channel.

Suzanne said...

Do you remember what Kelly Rae suggested? Keep a file of all the positive comments you've ever received. Reviews, praise, etc., and print them out. Then when you get hit with a negative, just pull out that file and read it. Sorry you got those comments. You know there's a lot of us out here who love what you do!

Jess said...

You're so right, Suzanne. Well, these are comments I will definitely hold dear. Thanks!!


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