Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 9... 2nd stage of a painting.

In this post I talked about the first stage of starting a new piece. Due to the fact that I fell out of love with my watercolor pencils, only to rediscover them in this class, I wanted to try out this new technique on a real piece. This meant I had to ditch my birch plywood and wood burning (briefly, just briefly), and try out Ampersand's bord's (yes... bord's, not board's... I don't know why). Today I'm trying the Clayboard and Gessobord with little Miss Chloe and Delores, my first of many paintings in the coming year.

Time to take off the training wheel of the sketchbook and put on my big girl britches. Hope you enjoy the video!

Links from the video

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Laura Catherine Otero said...

Hi Jess,
Hope you are feeling better. Loved to see your sweet dog make an appearance in this video. Also, can't wait for the 7 things!

Jess said...

I am definitely feeling better... my husband brought me a care package full of medicine, cough drops, chicken soup and sour candy. The next day I felt great. Have a fantastic day!!


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