Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Classes I'm taking...

As most of you know, I am a very busy bee. On any given week I am taking two or three classes, and reading a couple books to top it off. I thrive off the inspiration of others, so I wanted to take a moment to give my current classes a spotlight.

Brandi Hussey
I'm still working my way through Brandi's Color Rockstar class. The color palettes she includes are so inspiring and force you to look at the world from a new perspective. You know that old abandoned building in your neighborhood? Pay attention to the colors that cover the rotted building... you may just find the perfect color scheme for your new brand.

Photo by mlhradio on Flickr, textured up by Brandi Hussey

Jessica Sprague
I know you have heard me talking about Jessica Sprague for some time now, but let me just remind you she is AWESOME!! If you ever wanted to know anything about digi scrapbooking/Photoshop editing, she is your girl. I have finished the Up and Running with Photoshop class and now am in the midst of Now We're Rockin'. So many techniques, so little time. I get in a groove some days and spend hours watching the class video and practicing what I have learned on some of my fav pics. I'm getting a lot done, and learning skills I can use to toward my website. So much fun!! Revisit her site!!

Monica Zuniga
I've been a fan of Monica's for a couple years now, and when I got my new computer I forgot to bookmark her in my blogger favs. One morning, I remembered her unbelievable talent and went searching for her on Google... I typed Monica, Mexico, hands, artist... there she was. Monica Zuniga, and mixed media artist for Mexico, and her blog was called Hands and Heart. Gotta love Google.
I'm taking her Mixed Media Faces class, and I was overjoyed after the first video (and there are 24 long, amazing videos). The class covers everything from face dimensions to mixed media backgrounds. Although, I have been doing some of the techniques for awhile, it's refreshing to see someone else's point of view and style. The technique may be the same, but the outcome is always unique. I haven't gotten very far in the class, but if the rest of the class is anything like this first couple videos, I will have lots to talk about. She has a lot of classes available on her ning website. Check her out!!

On Friday I will show you some sketches I've been toying around with, thanks to Miss Monica. Come back and let me know what you think..


Heather said...

Thanks so much for sharing that with us. This coming year I told myself I am going to take some kind of photography class. So much I want to do in the coming year. All the possiblities!

Jess said...

I'm all about the classes... the more the better. When I bought my DSLR camera, I took a couple digital photography classes through my local Learning Annex. Best decision!!! Hope you find what you're looking for... have a great weekend and a Happy Holidays!!


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