Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sweet Potatoes in a Pot

My sweet potato babies and growing into healthy plants. It occurred to me, when I started this project, it was entirely too late in the season to start a potato crop... I'm stubborn, I know. I figured it would be my chance to try my hand at faux-greehouse gardening... I like a challenge. And since I killed my herb, radish, and carrot seedlings by over-fertilizing (*sigh*), I had to pick up another project. God forbid I have only 5 things going on at once... I must have 10.

Once my potato "seed" grew slips 4-6 inches long, I twisted them off and placed them in water to root. Magically, within 24 hours I had little roots forming. I decided to let them hang out in the water a little longer to establish a stronger root system before I shocked them by transplanting them outside.

Joseph and I still have to do some work on our raised veggie beds, so I decided to plant the potatoes in a large plastic planter. I mixed a little chicken manure in with Moisture Control Potting soil, and planted the slips 6-8 inches apart. I tried reading up on how close to plant the slips, but I kept getting conflicting information, so we'll see come harvesting time if they're too close. After transplanting them I watered thoroughly, and then an hour later Hank came up and pulled one out and ate it... dang it!! Not to worry, I have 5 healthy plants left, which means lots of yummy potatoes for Jess!!!

Meanwhile, has anyone else noticed it's officially fall!! My best friend says it's the best season for fashion... jeans tucked into boots, sassy hats and warm peacoats. I think fall is the season of color... the trees are turning from green to yellow to red, almost as if a mood ring was sitting right on my front lawn. It's magical. While spring is known for brights blooms and delightful smells, fall is famous for the smell of rain and berries on trees. These are my favorite from my tree in our front lawn, their vibrant color makes me smile, even on the gloomiest of days.

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